How to Partner

If you have a business or organization that embraces our philosophy, we welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how you might become a contributor to our mission.


Organizational Days of Service

Whether it’s an alternative to Sunday service or one day ‘off’ from a multi-day international conference, we have many school campuses that would benefit greatly from a few hours with a group of adult helpers.


Underwrite equipment or consumables that we provide to schools

As part of their partnership with us, The Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation covered the cost of cooking carts and related equipment for a year. Every program needs soil, amendments, groceries, and other items which could be underwritten.


Underwrite funding

for a staff position at one school, a whole district, or an entire region.


Sponsor SGP teacher training


We believe a dedicated, paid instructor is essential to the success and sustainability of a school gardening & cooking program. This principle has guided our funding blueprint for more than a decade. We also offer curriculum, training and on-going support to further strengthen each program’s long term integration into their school community. This funding is intended to act as a catalyst to get the program started and gain financial and administrative support for continuing success. 

Where does the money come from?

The Wild Wisdom Foundation provides the financial backing for the Sage Garden Project, with $14.6 million invested to date.We are actively seeking additional sustainability partners for schools as we continue to scale our program.

If you’re interested in funding & collaborating with us as we develop & support leaders in this field, please reach out to us!

Founded in 2015, the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation aims to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, especially children, to live healthier lives. With a focus on nutrition education and fresh food access, the Foundation’s nonprofit partners teach children both how to grow and prepare fresh foods, as well as why such foods are important to their bodies. Knowing that kids who learn these lessons from a young age are more likely to grow up eating healthier food as adults, the Foundation’s programming reaches children at every stage of development, providing hands-on learning and tasting of fresh fruits and vegetables as they grow. Sprouts Farmers Market covers all of the Foundation’s operational expenses, ensuring that every dollar raised goes directly to programming.

 Thanks to the generous support of Sprouts Healthy Communities since 2019, Sage Garden Project has been able to expand and deepen the impact of Edible Education for elementary school students in California. To date they have helped provide fully-stocked, mobile cooking carts to over 30 schools and awarded Sprouts gift-cards to supplement fresh food for cooking classes in all Sage funded schools.

Groups Supported

We are proud to support like minded organizations who are doing impactful work in their communities.


for their National School Gardens Program and Youth Farm Stands


for their Project Produce and work in changing school lunch

Master Gardeners of San Diego County

for support of local school gardens

Edible Schoolyard Project

to continue their 20+ years of charting the course in edible education

Food Literacy Center

for bringing the joy of fruits and vegetables to Sacramento

Explore Ecology

for bringing school gardens to the school districts surrounding Santa Barbara

One Cool Earth

for providing school gardens to the greater San Luis Obispo region

Olivewood Gardens

to continue their food and garden field trips in National City

The Human Nature Center

to further their ecological lessons at work in Ventura

Community Resource Center

for their food bank in Encinitas

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

for their food bank and feeding program in Encinitas

Food Corps

for training and providing service members nationwide

Kiss the Ground

for their educational programs for students and teachers regarding regenerative agriculture practices and climate change

Second Harvest Food Bank

Fitness 4 Life

for their after-school fitness and nutrition education program and their work distributing food bank produce to their community

United Indian Health Services

for their Potawot Community Garden

Ecolife Conservation

for providing cookstoves in Africa and Central America

Ocean Knoll Children’s Farm

to provide staff at this one-acre elementary school farm

Life Lab

to continue their 40+ years of leadership in school garden programs

The Ecology Center

for their work providing garden and cooking classes for youth

The Jamie Oliver Food Foundation

for cooking tools to schools in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Monarch School

for cooking and garden education for students affected by homelessness


for expanding their program to include cooking lessons

Common Vision

for expanding school garden programs in the Oakland area


for fostering garden and cooking education in LAUSD and supporting SGP research and evaluation