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Award FAQ’S

Sage Garden Project funds dedicated garden & cooking instructors at underserved elementary schools throughout California.

What does the Sage Garden Project award include?

$15,000 towards a garden and cooking instructor’s compensation ONLY (money may not be used for materials or supplies)

Wild Wisdom Garden/Cooking curriculum access

A fully-equipped mobile cooking cart for new awardees

3-day Educator summer training

Who May Apply?

Note: All applications must be submitted by the school site principal on our website

All 2021-22 Sage Garden Project award recipient schools

New San Diego Unified School District elementary schools with K-5 classrooms

a note…

Sage Garden Project’s goal is to provide funding to schools that are ready to start establishing their garden/cooking programing. The award is meant to be a starting point to build a program that will garner support from public and private partners to create long term sustainability. Awardees should understand the Sage Garden Project funding is short term and not guaranteed from one year to the next.

New Applicant Requirements

A qualified applicant will meet ALL of the following requirements:


New applicants must be elementary schools with K-5 classrooms in the San Diego Unified School District (only)


School must already have a school garden space built or in place


School must have full in-writing support for a garden and cooking program from the principal, superintendent, and PTA/PTO support


School must have a demonstrated need or be classified as a Title 1 Public SDUSD elementary school


School must have the ability to hire and pay garden & cooking instructor(s)


Garden & cooking instructor must attend Sage Garden Project’s 3-day summer educator training


Garden & cooking instructor must, to the best of their availability, participate in monthly regional meetings


Schools must implement a year-long, robust program with a set minumum of Wild Wisdom Garden & Cooking lessons to every K-5 classroom in the school

Returning School Requirements

A successful returning school will have demonstrated ALL of the following things…


They will have delivered a minimum of 4 Wild Wisdom Garden and 4 Wild Wisdom Cooking lessons taught to every K-5 classroom in the school during the school day by end of school year 2022


They will have run a robust school year long garden/cooking program


They will have hired and paid instructor(s) in a timely manner


They will have met the expectations of the MOU


They will have had a Sage instructor that participated in regional meetings


They will have used their awarded funds solely for instructor compensation


They will have used their award in its entirety by the end of the 2022 school year 


They will have used their award supplemental funds appropriately


They will have demonstrated efforts to become self-sustaining in regards to future funding

Award Application Timeline

Feb 1-28

Award application window

Mar 1-11

Initial review period

Mar 14-Apr 1

Interview sign-ups

Apr 4-21


May 2-12

Decision review window

May 13

Final decisions delivered

If you have any questions, please reach out to