Meet Dawn Mayeda of Sage Garden Project in Encinitas

Original article published in the SD Voyager. Nov 11th, 2019.  Today we’d like to introduce you to Dawn Mayeda. Thanks for sharing your story with us Dawn. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there. After graduating from college with a degree in Fine Arts, I thought the only way [...]

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Stone Soup!

Our first and second graders had fun reading the book, hearing the poem, and making stone soup. Our two Nutritional Science Lab leaders each made their own versions of stone soup with the students - here's both versions for you to choose from. We've included the poem, too, with room for coloring! stonesoup Mrs M [...]

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2013 Summer Camp Meals of the Day:

Breakfast: carrot-oat cake fruit&nonutsalad kalesmoothie Spanish Tortilla Lunch: Spring Rolls Rosie's Rice Salad lemonmousse Ginger Crisps Dinner: Sage Bean Soup zucchini cornbread plum oatmeal crisp Picnic food: yogurt ranch dip lunch wrap Karen's Sage Garden Kookie Party food: chickpeacookiedough confetti pasta salad sunflower&bees watermelon cake zucchini muffins

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2013 Summer Camp Worldwide Recipes:

nonutspesto fennel-pepperslaw Sardine Butter Whipped Cream cukeraita curried potatoes blackbeanchili2 frozenchocobanana zucchini cornbread African pizzax4pies kambucharix16 MangoFoolx8 molassescookiesx20  

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Soup Night!

curried carrot chikpeagumbo chowda moosewoodmatzo posole2 blueberry blue corn muffins herby potato smash 3sistersmuffins Stone Soup story stonesoup kale and mushrooms mushroomsoup eggplantdip ZucchiniPancakes  

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