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Sage Garden Project Bean Soup

Yields1 ServingPrep Time15 minsCook Time1 hr 5 minsTotal Time1 hr 20 mins

Each bag of soup mix has this inside:
 1 c brown rice (in a separate bag)
 1/2 c dried onion flakes
 1 T dried crushed basil leaves
 1 t ground black pepper
 1/2 t cumin
 1/2 t garlic powder
 1/4 t ground ginger
 1 bay leaf
 1/2 c dried small red beans
 1/4 c dried white navy beans
 1/3 c dried lentils
 1/3 c dried yellow-green split peas
You will also need:
 8-12 c stock – vegetable, chicken, or beef (that’s 2-3 cartons)
Optional additions:
 Fresh vegetables, especially carrots, greens, squash, or peeled tomatoes
 Chicken or beef cut into bite-size pieces, or just bones for flavoring
 Fresh herbs or cheese crumbles for topping

Remove seasoning mix and rice packets, set aside.


Rinse beans, place in a large stockpot with 9 cups water.


Bring to a boil and cook for 5 minutes.


Remove from heat and let stand 30 minutes. (Alternatively, you may soak beans overnight.)


Drain beans and return to the stockpot.


Add brown rice, 12 cups of chicken or vegetable stock, and the seasonings.


Bring to a boil, cover, simmer for 1 hour until beans and rice are tender.


Add any meat or bones at the beginning of this hour – vegetables for just the last 10 minutes.


Garnish individual serving with chopped chives, parmesan cheese, etc.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size Makes 8 servings