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Flexible Casserole

Yields4 ServingsTotal Time1 hr

 1 lb protein: cooked or canned meat, or 1-2 15 oz cans cooked beans, rinsed
 1 lb starch: cooked pasta or any of the following: 2 cups cooked rice or whole grains, one bag frozen hash browns/tater tots, 4-5 medium potatoes sliced or mashed, one large head of cauliflower chopped or cooked and mashed
 10 oz bag frozen vegetables, 1-2 15 oz cans • vegetables, one head broccoli chopped, 2-4 cups leftover cooked vegetables, 1 large onion and 4 cloves garlic chopped and sautéed
 3 cups sauce: • use one can of cream soup, or make your own white sauce, or use marinara, alfredo, gravy, enchilada sauce, pesto and/or stock
 1 cup cheese, shredded (optional): 1/2 cup goes into the mixture, the rest on top
 Toppings: French-fried onions, crumbled corn flakes, bread crumbs, or chopped nuts

Preheat oven to 350° F

At 20 minute mark: remove cover if you’ve used it for pasta, add cheese, other toppings. Return to oven for final 10 minutes.


Prepare and assemble your ingredients. Mix them together with ½ cup of the cheese, and pile into your casserole dish. Bake, covered if you are using pasta, otherwise – bake uncovered, for 30 minutes total, but check at 20 minutes!

(This should work even with raw potatoes or carrots, just check at 30 minutes and add additional time if they aren’t easily pierced with a fork.)

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