Jamie Oliver’s Simple Hummus

Chickpeas – the star ingredient in hummus – are incredibly good for you. High in protein and fiber and more than ten micro nutrients, including a hefty amount of the mineral copper, keeping our hair and skin nice and healthy, this is a great, nutritious snack. Serve it with crunchy veg for dipping, breads ticks or lovely warm flatbreads. JAMIE’S TOP TIPS

  1. Vary how you serve your hummus: crunchy vegetables like radishes, raw asparagus, cos lettuce, or even apple are all delicious – see what’s in season and experiment.
  2. Snacking the right way is super important,and the same goes for how you choose tohydrate yourself. Rather than drinking sugaryfizzy drinks to fill you up, try flavoring water instead. It can be super exciting – try adding fresh strawberries and mint leaves, sliced citrus fruits or refreshing cucumber, and even pomegranate seeds for a fun, tasty and healthy way to stay hydrated.
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Jamie Oliver’s Veggie Noodle Stir-fry

A great way to make sure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs is to eat the rainbow. Eating a mixture of different colored vegetables, like in this stir-fry, will help you do that. This dish will give you two of your 5-a-day. Of course, feel free to use whatever vegetables you have in the refrigerator – this is a great dish for using up leftovers too!

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Kachumbari could almost be called East African cole slaw - it is a mixture of chopped or shredded vegetables that is prepared ahead of time and served cold. The most basic version is onions and tomatoes in a vinegar or lemon juice dressing; cabbage, chile peppers, and other vegetables are often included.

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