School Board Presentation

Here, by popular demand, the recipe for the roasted eggplant dip that our students served to the school board with the lovely vegetables they had cut up during their demonstration. roasteggplantdip

Friday flavors of Africa

From the hot continent – some of the favorite flavors of the whole week. Did you know mango is the most popular fruit in the world? Interesting to consider, isn’t it? Can you make some guesses about why that might be true? African pizza MangoFool...

Asian Recipes

Today, we served 34 guests for lunch in our nutritional science lab! Our campers and interns are turning into restaurant cooks – well, not really. We are learning to cook at a family-scale, but we have multiple cooks doing so at the same time, resulting in...

Latin American flavors

squashench cocoabanana We had a great lunch on Wednesday, before going on a hike. Although we started with a recipe for enchiladas that called for spinach and mushrooms, we had so much squash from our gardens, that we used that instead. Delicious!

Sage Garden Summer Camp Day One

nutlesspesto eggplantredpepper devileggs As we considered the Mediterranean and European regions, we made these dishes, using ingredients from the garden, and then went out to play bocce.